Rachel Griffiths
as Tanya Rammus

Since winning worldwide stardom - and an Oscar nomination - for her role as the sister of cellist Jacqueline Du Pre in Hilary and Jackie, Rachel Griffiths reaches for further accolades as Amy's devoted mother. Rachel has recently completed Blow opposite Johnny Depp and is now filming Six Feet Under, a miniseries directed by American Beauty screenwriter Alan Ball.

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Ben Mendelsohn
as Robert Buchanan

As the sensitive musician who draws Amy out of her isolation, one of Australia's most gifted actors, Ben Mendelsohn, has begun to win worldwide notice, and is now being seen in his first Hollywood film, the action spectacle Vertical Limit.

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Alana de Roma
as Amy Enker

Making her astonishing film debut in the title role of Amy, Alana had never acted before prior to her audition. She won the role after a worldwide talent search. Comments director Nadia Tass, working with the remarkable Alana was "a joy and a revelation."

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Nick Barker
as Will Enker

In his acting debut as Amy's father, popular Australian musician/songwriter Nick was so inspired by the story that he composed and wrote the lyrics for four songs his character and band perform in the film.

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