“The Palace's first night premiered "Amy", an Austrailian film by Nadia Tass that got a standing ovation for its mixture of drama and comedy in the story of a young girl who stops talking after seeing her father, a rock star, electrocuted on stage...

..."Amy" has many tones: Tragedy, comedy, romance, melodrama, and Tass moves between them with perfect confidence, creating an enchanting, almost fantastical, story that has its feet firmly planted in reality.”

Roger Ebert
Chicago Sun Times 


“MASTERPIECE...A remarkable film; heartbreaker”

Clarke Forbes
Sunday Harald Sun 



Jim Schembri
The Melbourne Age 
Entertainment Guide


“Heartwarming and funny... Rachel Griffiths is BRILLIANT”

Stan James
Adelaide Advertiser



Michael Bodey
The Age


“SUPERB, a winner in all categories... PEARL OF A MOVIE”

Peter Haren
Sunday Mail


“Fresh and different. Another cinematic milestone.”

Doug Alton
Inside Melbourne


“AMY is one of the brave new breed of Australian films... very hard to resist.”

Paul LePetit
Sunday Telegraph



Andiee Paviour
Who Weekly


You can't help liking it... An excellent cast”

Evan Williams
Weekend Australian


“An OUTSTANDING movie... It is through the meticulously crafted deft manoeuvring between comedy and tragedy that AMY draws it's strength.”

Bridget Hayes


“Handled with a maturity and insight rarely seen in Australian Cinema.”

Leigh Paatsch
Herald Sun


“Tass confidently spins her emotive web... she observes the human condition, picks at it's warts, carresses it's bumps and eventually turns it into an enduring experience as smooth as a baby's bottom.”

Stan James
Adelaide Advertiser


“Audiences... are over the moon”

Bruce Dargie
Sound Telegraph